Safely merging onto highways

One of the riskiest steps when driving is entering and exiting highways. Being safe during this period of entry and exit can be a challenge, particularly on busy roads or those with short entrance ramps.

One way to improve your safety level is to be conscious of the exit and entrance ramps and to be sure to always look over your shoulder, avoiding any level of reliance on mirrors or lane warning systems. Be sure to glance over your shoulder even when you are certain that no cars are approaching to establish a good habit.

Try to avoid jerky movements and show your intention of firmly entering the highway. Cars will likely provide you with room to enter the lane and will slow down to allow you to enter.

Having said that, when you notice a car not yielding then be prepared to let them pass. Safety when merging onto a highway means acknowledging aggressive drivers and knowing when to defer to their aggression to avoid an accident.
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