Ford Explorer: Explore a Different Kind of SUV

The latest in the Ford Explorer series is like something out of a futuristic movie. The Explorer series has given the best through the years and the market has always responded well. This time is not an exception. Experience and reputation have given Ford a name for itself and it is not hard to see why.

This SUV is not oversized, as some are. It is middle-sized and still offers the convenience of space without being overpowering. You could carry up to 7 people in this car and they would all be comfortable. Its large size is perfectly complemented by its power, even the smallest engine in this series is powerful enough to navigate the toughest terrain. If you are keen on environmentalism, then there is a fuel-saver option for you; it is called the 2.3 Ecoboost. If you have heard enough and want to see all this for yourself then come down to our showroom at Short-Redmond Ford in La Folette, TN for a test drive.

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