Before You Buy a Truck, Here's Why You Want the 2018 Ford Expedition

You're here browsing for a new Ford F-150 in La Follette because you need something that can tow a trailer capably down dirt roads, and can haul furniture, building equipment, landscaping tools—you name it.

But before you settle on a truck, take a look at what the Ford Expedition has to offer.

The upcoming 2018 Expedition has been fully redesigned, and will boast a tow rating up to 9,300 pounds.

Now that might not sound like much compared to the F-150's 12,200-pound rating, but an Expedition equipped for maximum towing capability can still outperform an F-150 that isn't. Remember not all configurations offer the same capability, and you can find pickups only rated for 5,000 pound trailers. If you were only going for a middle-of-the-road truck anyway, the Expedition provides plenty of muscle.

The Expedition shines in its ability to seat eight passengers comfortably, and to haul over 108 cubic feet of cargo (which is protected from the elements, unlike cargo sitting in a truck bed). For drivers hauling sensitive equipment, or ferrying kids to school and activities, this is a key advantage.

To find out more about the current-model Expedition, or the upcoming 2018 redesign, contact Short-Redmond Ford.

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