Stay Connected with Ford & Sync 3

Ford Sync is a voice activated technology that lets you control your car and touch screen entertainment system. It is controlled by Ford Pass, a mobile device that lets you track and control your vehicle remotely. You can start the car, lock and unlock the doors and even check the fuel in it. It has a convenient Wi-Fi hot spot too!

It is easy to get directions using the Sirius XM Traffic and Travel Link. You can locate stores, restaurants, travel destinations, and medical facilities. It will give you directions road by road and turn by turn. It provides weather info and alternative routes as well.

It can be synced with your favorite mobile devices. You can used an Android in your Ford and talk with Google using your smart phone. It is easy to return calls and listen to messages. It searches for music and plays what you want to listen to. It has voice recognition so that with the simple press of a button you can make a call or listen to music.

Contact us here at Short-Redmond Ford to learn more about installing Sync 3 in your car today.


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