Some Good Advice Before You Take Your Road Trip

Here at Short-Redmond Ford, we see all kinds of problems that people experience on road trips where a little planning could have avoided some problems. Here are some common sense bits of advice to keep in mind before you embark on your road trip.
  1. Bring your car to the dealership for a quick inspection so you won't break down during your trip
  2. Use a good road service such as Google Maps to chart your trip in the most efficient manner
  3. Plan for your passengers so they will have something to do, especially for the children. Kids can get bored very quickly, but if they have games, toys, and videos, the trip goes much more easily
  4. Pack a first aid kit in case someone gets some bumps and bruises along the way
  5. Plan for any stops you may have to make as you travel
  6. If your trip is a long one, make hotel or motel reservations, so you know convenience will be your friend
​We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip, and look forward to seeing you upon your return.
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