The Ford F-150 Continues to Perform

Pickup lovers preferred the F-150 for a number of reasons over the years. The latest models continue providing an impressive performance record. We have the newest models to show you in our La Follette showroom.

Whether using the F-150 for play, work, on-road or off-road, the pickup capably performs. When needing to haul loads, choose the truck with the box size you need. Add the heavier payload package with stowable loading ramps, remote tailgate release or step with lift assist features. Side steps help you maneuver and secure the load.

Off-roading is easier with the electronic shift technology that provides two 2WD and two 4WD settings. The off-road package includes a locking rear differential for added traction, heavy-duty shock absorbers, skid plates and a 360-degree camera for optimal viewing. Venture into our Short-Redmond Ford location and start building the truck that suits your needs. Enjoy a test drive while visiting.

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