Using Your Car to Tow Safely

There are a few important things you need to know when you are using your vehicle to tow things. Here are just a few fact you should consider:

First of all, you want to be careful that you do not try to tow too much with the vehicle you have. This can create a very high center of gravity, making it much easier for your vehicle to roll over. In this same vein, you also want to make sure that all of the weight in your towing package is evenly distributed.

Secondly, you also want to make sure that all of your tired are inflated correctly and that the lug nuts are all fashioned in place. Also, be extremely careful when you are driving in slippery conditions. Your vehicle can handle it much better than the trailer and if it skids it could cause a serious problem for you

If you have any other questions regarding towing with your vehicle, you can trust the service professionals at Short-Redmond Ford to be able to answer them all competently and efficiently!

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