Full Size Tires Are Larger Than a Spare

Full-size tires have been tested and rated for highway speeds and distances usually exceeding 40,000 miles or more. They are capable of carrying the weight of a vehicle and providing the appropriate traction when needed. Compact spare tires, on the other hand, are only rated for limited speeds and mileage amounts. Drivers that push their spares beyond this limit are putting themselves at great risk.

The primary reason a full-size tire is safer is due to its size. It is much larger in diameter than a compact spare, making it beefier and sturdier on the road. They also have a much larger footprint, or tire width, which creates more traction for handling and stopping. The construction of the full-size tire is also much sturdier, with thicker and deeper tread, and thicker side walls.

Do not drive around on a spare, bring it into Short-Redmond Ford in La Follette for an immediate replacement. You could be putting yourself and others on the road in danger by failing to do so.

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