Ford Focus Electric: No Need to Fill Up at Gas Stations

If you're interested in driving a car that doesn't entirely depend on gasoline, then the Ford Focus Electric is a wonderful choice. Running on an all-electric powertrain, this compact sedan is optimized to navigate urban streets.

The permanent magnetic electric motor in this Ford car produces just more than 140 horsepower and approximately 185 pound-feet of torque. A single-speed automatic transmission system transfers the output to the drivetrain. When the powertrain operates at threshold levels, the car achieves an impressive fuel economy of 118 MPGe in the city. A lithium-ion battery is another critical component under the hood of this efficient car. The maximum output for the liquid-cooled battery is just more than 33 kwH.

Having a great reputation among auto buyers in La Follette, TN, Short-Redmond Ford offers the Ford Focus Electric for sale. Stop at our dealership and explore the amazing efficiency of this sedan.

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