Automatic Convenience in the 2018 Ford Edge

The 2018 Ford Edge is a smart vehicle that will take care of all the simple tasks for you so that you can focus on the road ahead. The popular mid-sized SUV is available with many active features that can change the way you drive in various conditions.

Rain-Sensing Wipers can turn on automatically the moment they detect rain or snow. This feature can be turned on or off in the SUV's information center. You'll also have the opportunity to modify the sensitivity of the system. Also available is Auto-Dimming exterior mirrors. If you're driving away from the bright sun or you're being followed by someone with their high beams on, the SUV will automatically dim the mirrors so that you can see better. Both features are a part of Ford's Safe and Smart Technology.

We invite you to visit our showroom at Short-Redmond Ford in La Follette, TN. We'll let you see how these features work for yourself on a test drive.

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