Motor Oil Myths – The Truth About Synthetic Oil

Unlike in the past when motor oil was sort of a one-size-fits-all, today there are many types of motor oil, including synthetic motor oil. If you have questions about your vehicle’s need for synthetic motor oil or any other questions, stop at Short-Redmond Ford and speak with our staff.

Here are two common myths regarding synthetic motor oil.

  • If you use it once, you can’t change. Although synthetic motor oil will typically help your engine perform better, switching back and forth will not be problematic for your vehicle.
  • Synthetic motor oil causes oil leaks. While this may have been the case many years ago when they first came out, it’s not case anymore with newer vehicles. It could cause leaks in cars more than 15 years old.

Our service technicians in La Follette, TN are here to answer any questions you may have regarding synthetic motor oil. We also offer a full line of automotive services. Stop or call today.

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