Check Out the Latest Ford Mustang Design

While you may think that the new Ford Mustang is just slightly different than the other body styles, you have to dig a bit deeper to really see the changes made to the hood, grill, and interiors of the Mustang. There are a lot of new technology options that come with the standard Mustang as well. You can always upgrade to one of the premium trims if you are looking for more power and sports packages, however.

The latest Ford Mustang is a refreshed look of the classic sports car that we all love. Ranked in the very number one spot of sports cars by US News & World Report, most drivers say that this sports car is powerful and sleek. You can get a twin-turbocharged engine or look at the V8 styles, which include Shelby GT and Coyote GT.

You can test drive all of the latest trims and see the design for yourself at Short-Redmond Ford located in La Follette, TN.

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