Ford Fusion - Unmatched Performance Features

Drivers looking for a vehicle that has performance features unmatched by others need to look no further than the Ford Fusion, a popular midsize sedan that offers various choices in engine type and sizes. Stop at Short-Redmond Ford and speak to one of our trained staff and get all the goods on the new Ford Fusion and all it has to offer.

When it comes to performance, the Ford Fusion has many technology-driven features. The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive automatically keeps the torque equally balanced between the front and back tires so drivers have the perfect traction. Choose the performance and fuel economy you want and need by choosing between the electric, hybrid or gas-powered engine, each with their own unique features.

We have a full team of trained personnel on hand to help you. Visit our showroom in La Follette, TN and take the Ford Fusion out for a test drive. Some things you have to experience to believe.

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