Does the Ford C-Max Meet Emission Standards?

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the public became aware of tailpipe emission issues. The Federal Government looked beyond the problem for years until the evidence of harmful gas emission grew prevalent. The EPA was formed to combat many environmental problems, of which tailpipe emission was prominent.

There are two types of emission standards. The EPA standard is the primary standard of the nation while the California Emission Standard increases the level of scrutiny for any vehicle. To meet both criteria, Ford included its “50 States Emissions” package to both trims of the C-Max. With the 50 States Emission package in place, you need not worry about your compliance with local emission standards while driving around La Follette, TN.

At Short-Redmond Ford, we proudly display both C-Max trims, knowing that owners comply with rigid standards for emission control. Driving a C-Max helps the environment while getting maximum performance.

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