Get a Beautiful Vehicle Interior with the Ford Focus

You want a vehicle that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Detailed craftsmanship is at the heart all great designs. With the popular compact car, the Ford Focus, you get great details that you'll appreciate every time you step into your car.

The available leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather seats bring the driving experience to a new level. When you add in the heated option for the driver's seat and steering wheel, you'll feel a whole new level of luxury.

And with the ST option, not only do you get the leather and heated seats and steering wheel, but you also get some options that make the interior of your ride look extra cool. The Ford Focus ST scuff plates and aluminum pedals make your ride look great while also providing luxury. And if you're a racing fan, you'll love the flat-bottom steering wheel that's available on the ST option.

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