Love the Sporty Design of the Ford Focus RS

The limited edition, sporty little Ford Focus RS hatchback remains popular with compact vehicle owners secondary to the car's fuel economy and overall appearance. The hatchbacks come with a six-speed manual transmission and are also fun to drive.

The profile features a low front end and an aerodynamic design. The sporty look begins in the front end, which boasts a large, aggressive grille. The LED headlights follow the natural curve of the body and gradually curve back and upwards. The rear of the vehicle has a spoiler that is positioned high on the Focus' back. The wheels are 19 inches in size and are black to match the front grille and engine vents.

Overall, the Ford Focus RS exudes performance. See the special little hatchbacks in our La Follette, TN Short-Redmond Ford inventory. Treat yourself to a thrilling test drive. Feel the power and hear the roar of the turbocharged engine.

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