Ford has many unique technologies that provide convenient and different software solutions that boost safety. The most helpful technology for strategic travelers is called FordPass. It takes advantage of the 4G LTE hotspot in useful ways.

FordPass is a service that Ford provides to consumers. This service greatly benefits all types of drivers because it provides access to valuable tools on the go. For example, when the Ford EcoSport breaks down, you can request help from a roadside assistance technician using FordPass, and you could schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance after the EcoSport is back on the road. The technology can also lock and unlock doors and crank the engine remotely.

Besides FordPass, there are other technologies that don't require a service subscription. The most convenient way to examine these systems is by visiting a dealership. At Short-Redmond Ford in La Follette, TN, you can check out the Ford EcoSport's standard technologies. Then, you can examine some of the safety systems during a test drive.

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