The Ford Explorer is a popular SUV that is now available at Short-Redmond Ford in La Follette, TN. Those who know about this vehicle can tell you that it has the traction and the towing capability that you want in a larger SUV.

The Ford Explorer is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that provides exceptional handling. The Explorer is also equipped with a feature called Intelligent 4WD. This system comes on when the sensors in the wheels detect a loss of traction. This system will make sure that you get down the road safely in the ice and snow.

With a larger SUV like the Ford Explorer, you have the expectation that you will be able to tow boats and trailers of significant weight. The Explorer has a towing capacity of 5,600 pounds. Trailer sway control is also provided in order to help keep the trailer from tipping over when going around corners or when traveling in windy conditions.

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